Excerpt from Chapter 8 – “BAPTIZED AGAIN?”

Published October 28, 2017

Baptized as Infant but without Christian Parents

What if someone was brought to church by unbelieving yet baptized parents to be
baptized as an infant and that person became a believer at an accountable age?
Should he or she be baptized again? No, this is not necessary, because by coming
to faith you are confirming in your life the significance of the baptism that you
received. You have become a covenant keeper. However, depending on the circumstances
and counsel of the church elders, one may consider baptism if it is
deemed that the former “baptism” was invalid. For example, someone who was
baptized as an infant in a church that does not preach the gospel, was not raised
attending worship, and who does not have at least one Christian parent, may
want to be baptized upon professing faith, for they were not raised in the faith of
the covenant community and the “church” through which baptism was administered
was not a true church. On the other hand, one may not see the need to be
rebaptized because the reception of God’s grace and promises administered
through baptism does not depend on whether the administrator of the baptism
truly had faith. Rather, it depends on one’s faith now in claiming God’s promises
illustrated in the rite. So being baptized again would not be required.